Behind The Story

Two Daughters Honor Their Mother’s Memory

Photo: Roberta Wachowicz (left) and Ann Malon (right)

The Story Behind Publishing Perhaps Tomorrow

Erna’s daughters, Ann Malon (Statham, Georgia) and Roberta Wachowicz (Chicago, Illinois), retired health care professionals, are fulfilling their mother’s dream by publishing her book. It has been a long time in materializing. They started their efforts in 1997. After extensive research, and many letters to romance publishers, they realized this was not going to be an easy task. They were told over and over again that even if a book is eye ball turning, it would be difficult to publish the work of a deceased author. Publishers wanted an author who could produce additional books. That was not an option. Erna died in 1991 at age seventy-one. Her daughters did not give up on their dream for their mother. They knew one day there would be an answer on what to do with their inherited manuscript.

As the years passed, Ann and Roberta continued to seek out possible options, but nothing ever came of their endeavors.  They continued to enjoy reading their mother’s book from the “box” that held the 495 page typed manuscript. Then they would tuck it away and dream that someday her epic romance novel would be available for eyes other than their own.

They remembered Erna’s words “everything happens for a reason”.  Now fate and technology have made the publishing of Perhaps Tomorrow a reality. What started out as their mother’s dream in 1956 when she wrote her novel, became her daughters’ journey to see it in print.

It is with pride and love that Ann and Roberta invite you to enter the romantic world created by their mother in Perhaps Tomorrow.